Exploits Valley Animal Hospital

Betty Snow
Betty is from GrandFalls- Windsor and has worked in the veterinary business for 29 years.  She has 3 children, 4 grand children and a chocolate lab named Chopper.  
Denise Dalton
Dr. Bland
Dr. Nichols
Lacey Evans
Shelley Noel
Our Team
Our team are highly skilled professionals devoted to the care of your cherished pet.  
Denise is originally from Bishop Falls and has enjoyed working with animals for 8 years. She has a long list of pets including: Elmo, Teddy, Dory, Bobbie, Willy, and Mokie.
Dr. Bland is an owner and senior veterinarian at EVAH.  She has worked with animals since childhood when she would assist her father in his practice. Dr. Bland has two young children, 2 dogs (Bentley and Terrance Dickens), 2 cats (Willow and Clifford Norton), a fish and a horse (Absolute).  
Dr. Nichols has been working in pet health for 10 years.  Her home town is Botwood and she joined EVAH 2 years ago.  She has a dog named Carley and cats-- Morgan, Oliver and Fred.  
Lacey Evans joined the EVAH team as a veterinary technician in 2008.  Lacey's hometown is Botwood.  Lacey has a Boston Terrier named Juno,
Shelley joined the EVAH team in 2010 and has 5 years experience in Pet Health Care.  Shelley's hometown is Grand Falls-Windsor.  She has two cats named Clous and Gypsy.  
Trina Penney
Trina joined the EVAH team in 2007.  GrandFalls Windsor is her home and she owns three Mini Dachshunds -- Boomer, Daisy and Oscar.