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Just like humans, animals suffer from various illnesses or conditions that show no outward symptoms. That’s why regular check-ups are important for identifying problems related to your pet’s health. Even when pets are in pain, they don’t have a voice to reveal it. However, an experienced veterinarian can check for some of the common ailments and determine if there is an underlying medical problem. If you notice any unusual behavioural patterns or any kind of troubling symptoms, visit Exploits Valley Animal Hospital immediately. We offer pet diagnostic services in Grand Falls-Windsor and surrounding areas.



Most of our diagnostic services are performed using the lab equipment from IDEXX Laboratories. Our equipment allows the veterinarians to get the blood results on the same day and helps them diagnose faster. This also eases the treatment procedure. Our technicians can draw blood samples and check the functioning of kidneys, liver and pancreas using our in-house lab equipment. We can also have a closer look at the performance of white and red blood cells, check thyroid functioning, run urine tests and detect feline leukemia/FIV in cats using this equipment.

We run tests the morning of the surgery and get results within an hour. Pre-anesthetic blood testing is crucial, even for young animals, as it provides us with a complete picture of your pet’s health prior to using any anesthetic. It also helps our veterinarians choose an anesthetic regime that suits your pet’s needs. We conduct routine pre-anesthetic blood testing on any animal receiving an anesthetic.


Radiology or X-ray is performed in-house using our digital radiology system. These X-ray exams provide us with a clear picture that can be viewed by our veterinarians. We conduct muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, reproductive and urinary system X-ray for your pets.

We understand that certain diagnostic testing requires veterinarians with specialized training. Therefore, we may refer your pets to specific hospitals and colleges for particular diagnostics and surgeries. Please contact us to discuss your concerns.


Ultrasound technology, specifically for animals, is also growing as a unique offshoot of medical services. It is becoming increasingly important in animal healthcare, as it helps the vet discover what is ailing the animal by exploring their bodies with non-invasive tools. Ultrasound imagery is used for several diagnostics. This equipment records internal pictures of a body. A veterinarian will interpret these pictures, and the results are used for correct diagnosis and treatment. Animals can’t tell their symptoms to a vet. Therefore, by obtaining images of their internal organs, we can help make the right diagnosis, ensuring that the animal will get proper treatment. Animal owners value their pets and want them to get the best service that is possible; hence it is even more important to try and use ultrasounds. To discover the benefits of ultrasound, visit our veterinary hospital.



Regular diagnostic tests play an important role in determining your pet’s health and wellbeing.

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